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Interview in South Africa

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I found another SA interview

Posted by Karin de Vos - SA on March 17, 2007, 8:29 pm

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Hallo everyone,

While browsing through the SA version of People magazine, I found the following interview with Helmut while he was in South Africa. Enjoy reading - it was off course done in true Helmut style.

Interviewer: Sinqobile Ngcobo

Recently on his tour in South Africa, blues crooner Helmut Lotti blew the audience away with his romantic melodies from his latest album the Crooners, at Carnival City.

People got the chance to meet the face behind the voice and what a charmer, ladies!

People: So, Helmut, how has your second (?) visit to South Africa been?

Helmut: Short! I love nature, but with my tours I always find myself in cities. Iíd love to see more of South African nature.

People: What do you think sets you apart as a musician?

Helmut: Iím a classical type of guy, so my styles and mixes with the songs I perform have got a different feel. I also do my live acts with an orchestra, which I travel with during my tours.

People:ple: What makes one a good musician?

Helmut: Someone who follows his goose bumps Ė instincts. Iím not an arranger of music, but I know exactly when something feels right and is going to work out.

People: What do you remember vividly about when you first started?

Helmut: I started music at 19. My mom would make me enter local talent contests. I loved impersonating Elvis, but I never won. When I came second in one competition, it helped wake up my potential as a musician. Then I knew this is what I had to do.

People: Is there a specific reason you choose to sing about the subject of love?

Helmut: To give people balls to celebrate it! (Iím joking.) Most songs are about love because love is the core of everything else that exists.

People: Do you write your own songs?

Helmut: I do. I wrote about six songs on the second CD of the Crooners album. Most songs are about the train of love and not being afraid to jump on it.

People: Do you know of the Italian crooner Patrizzio Buanne?

Helmut: Heís not that big in Belgium, but Iíve heard of him.

People: Are you as romantic in your actions as you sound in your music?

Helmut: I donít have a clue! I work so hard to imagine what could be the most romantic thing for a man to do for his lady, but I donít know if it would be that romantic for the next person.

People: Whatís the most romantic thing youíve ever done?

Helmut: Proposing to my second ex-wife. I really created a romantic atmosphere.

People: With which song would you serenade your lady?

Helmut: Loving you by Elvis.

People: What do you think is most memorable to your fans when you perform live?

Helmut: The fact that I do a whole lot of different things in one on stage! (You have to be at my shows to see it!)

People: If you could be any musical instrument, which one would you be?

Helmut: The Cello because it lay in a sexy position when youíre holding it.

People: Which song best describes the point youíre at in your life right now?

Helmut: I have no clue! Thereís a song for every moment in oneís life. Youíll always find that one song that suits you in a particular moment.



I wish you all a pleasant weekend. Love to you all.

Your friend in SA.

Karin de Vos XXX


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