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    "Dag Allemaal" interview. "The Final Part"...

    Hi all!

    Sorry, again there has been some delay..
    Here we go again!

    DA: do you think you're a good father?

    Helmut: "Actually you should ask my daughter. She's 14 by now and she wants to live her life anonymous and autonomous. I understand and respect. But I do believe that for me it's better to be a good father who really wants to educate his daughter, than a father who's her best friend. I am strict but righteous."

    DA: your daughter wants to live anonymous, might not be that easy when Lotti happens to be your father..

    Helmut: "'We'll see. This happens to be my "lijfspreuk". The one I use so very often for so many things in my life.."

    DA: you're hiding your new girlfriend?

    Helmut: "The older I get, the more I realize that one has to cherish real love. "Real love doesn't ask, real love isn't loud"..
    This happenes to be a line, late Carol's dad read us during our wedding ceremony...
    But of course I won't "go incognito" hidden behind sunglasses and I won't close up my girlfriend. I won't feel paranoide. I try to live my life as normal as possible as I actually always did."

    DA: you more often mentioned during this interview that you're quite a "complicated person", still everyone in Flanders think that you're the perfect son-in-law!

    Helmut: "Which I actually am! (smiles) I guess I am a well behaved man. This is what possible mothers-in-law do appreciate, although there have been moments that I felt like some "hurried wild" and this for me as being not that "stress steady", wasn't that nice. When I all of a sudden am surrounded by 30 or 40 people, I want that someone saves me and gets me out of it."

    DA: what should potential mothers-in-law should keep in mind?

    Helmut: "My healthy dose self assurance."

    DA: what are your good qualities?

    Helmut: "I am generous, able to forgive and social, just until I am getting tired or hungry. (!?) Oops Helmut..  What does this mean?
    I am egocentric, not egoistic. Because I am that much occupied with myself, I sometimes don't see what happens around me.

    DA: one more good quality: you're not that poor, on the contrary, still you're not "throwing away" your money. Boats, limousines, it apparently isn't your "kind of stuff".

    Helmut: "But I don't have any problems with people who do race in a Ferrari. I once happened to ride in this kind of car, the one of Frank Vandenbroucke (Belgian famous biker/cyclist) and I did like that kind of "sophisticated gocart" and it made such a noise, but it's less comfortable however."

    DA: sometimes you do spend a lot of money however?

    Helmut: "Yes, in particular for useful things. Then I often pay sometimes even too much, cause I am not a "haggler"."

    DA: it must be fantastic living without worries concerning money?

    Helmut: "That's true, but then you'll get other sorrows. "What do I do with all the money, how do I spend, to whom it has to go when I am not alive anymore?"
    That's what sometimes is bothering me, one never know what happens tomorrow."

    DA: sometimes thinking about the moment when you'll not be singing anymore?

    Helmut: "The day I can't sing or are not allowed to sing anymore, I am going to write songs for others."

    DA: being a manager once?

    Helmut: "Oh no,! I am a real bad businessman and I don't think that I ever would be able to manage an artist. This is why I do have so much respect for my manager."

    DA: to finish, soon you'll be leaving for America for a kind of "minitour". What are your intentions?

    Helmut: "It's America! It's wonderful to perform over there as a "small Flemish man"! It's a kick!

    DA: you're right! Good luck for "The Crooners"!

    Guess this once again was another great, honest, open and interesting interview!
    Thanks Helmut and try not to worry too much, as we here say: "pluk de dag"!
    No one knows what tomorrow brings and it might be good that way..