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HUMO interview (Part 5)

Hi five! Helmut in HUMO, part 5 of the interview!
Hi all!

HUMO: Just image that she gets an important career and therefore very often has to travel around in this big world?

Helmut: "I guess, it wouldn't be that easy for me, but this in particular would have to do with my insecurity when it comes to relations. If she should be that very famous, I would be afraid that I wouldn't be that interesting for her anymore, that I couldn't be "of any use" to her still. That's real honest, isn't?! Women are very sensitive when it comes to affection. One never knows how they'll react.
That's what I learned better in the meantime as well, to listen much better. Besides wanting to feel "protected", women do appreciate when men are able to listen. I wasn't able to. This is what I got from my parents as well, they are able to, but one first has to "shake" them. In particular my father. He's always very busy doing his own projects, quite rcognizable for me."

HUMO: Is it true that you very seldom like singing women?

Helmut: "I sometimes really have some problems with that. In particular the "big load" R & B singers, who are able to sing, but who are unable to "tell a story". This means nothing to me. Beyoncé is a "heavenly creature", but this doesn't mean that I really love to hear to sing that much...

I love to listen to Shakira and Christina Aguilera as well. Their performances are full of sex and they're singing real good! (I like them as well Helmut and on the 2nd of December my daughter and I will join the Christina Aguilera concert in Rotterdam! Of course I watch them however with other eyes than you do!)

If I am right you like the music of Gwen Stefanie as well..

HUMO: But actually you have the opinion that singing is a "man matter".

Helmut: "My vision has changed when it comes to this. For example Sarah Bettens (Belgian singer) who sings with a voice that now and then changes into "only air", so warm and so sexy.. I don't know why it is that I nowadays like this kind of music. Did music improve during the last 5 years? Or am I finally getting modern? Could be possible as well..
For a long time I had some troubles with new things: they took me out of my balance. I grew up with Elvis and the old croonermusic. As I for the very first time happened to listen to modern music, I didn't like. I finally enjoyed it 5 years after I heard this kind of music for the first time, sometimes even more longer. For example Spandau Ballet I really have to get used to and now I love it. I always had to get accustomed to something before I let it in. Nowadays I more fastly am able to say: "Wow, that's great!
I guess that I during the last year got more feeling with the real world and wasn't only turning around in my own world. I was occupied too much and too busy with my own matters, that's why I did appreciate Gladys Knight, but for the very rest in particular male singers: because I knew them".

HUMO: How "woman kind" is the music world/industry according to you?

Helmut: "Yes, but wait a moment! Nowadays women quite right know what to do to make it big: they in particular are shaking their hips, because they know that this sells. They're very well aware of their "female weapens"! And they're right."

HUMO: But some moments ago you said that you very gladly would love that they tell something as well.

Helmut:" Yes, but a tight body doesn't miss it's effect still. Why do you think that relationships between men of 40 and women of 20 are happening more often then between women of 40 and men of 20 often nowadays?! (didn't you know that the trend at the moment is a kind of different Helmut!) Within 5 years you might get to know and "accustomed" to!

I love a trained body! Guess it's fantastic. Well, I really do dislike however men who rate/quote women in categories from 0 till 10, while they theirselves are hanging around with a beerbelly! I still want to look good!"

Just for you Helmut a song from Sarah Bettens, the one with the beautiful voice. I like to listen to her music as well. I know that she mostly sings in english and the lyrics often are very nice, this song in Dutch however is wonderful as well I guess.. *
It's the titlesong of an impressive and beautiful movie and the story behind this particular movie is touching as well.. (soon after the film had been recorded the man who "staged" the movie, died at a very young age..)

Later today or tomorrow afternoon follows the last part!

Wishing you all a lovely day!


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