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HUMO interview (Part 3)

HUMO article part 3! Although Halloween, you still might be interested..
Hi all!

Although you might be busy preparing scary Halloween, you still might be interested in Helmut in HUMO during Halloween!

Humo: Some others recently told me however that they got the most splendid ideas while doing something completely different, such as peeling potatoes. That was their reaction to my statement that men more often reach the top than women because they often are very busy monomanic (?) concentrated only on their, just one particular thing." (sorry, hard to translate, I even had to look into my Dutch dictionary, but somehow still thought that the translation is a little curious and somehow I don't really get the clue when I read Helmut's answer here right below, miss the connection..) Maybe I am silly however or maybe Helmut didn't understand that particular word exactly either!

Helmut: "well in any case I know that I am different from them, cause I do the washing-up every day. (all of a sudden real sharp) and by hand! I really dislike dishwashers. I think that they are a "mess", cause still there are some dirty drops on the glasses. Even after a party, when there are 36 glasses standing around in the kitchen, they all are washed and dried by hand. Yes, yes, I am able to do it all, haha! I already happen to learn as a small boy.
After the divorce of my parents I "handled" the housekeeping. I cleaned, prepared dinner and did the washing-up. My younger brothers offered me some help, but I took care for the distribution of tasks, I took the lead."

Humo: You are however monomanic busy with your work?!

Helmut: "Yes, I guess when it comes to this I am a real man! I can't do 2 things at the same time. Recently someone visited me to talk about my agenda: I couldn't answer however because I was busy writing autogrammes on cards. Women indeed can, doing everything at the same time".

Humo: According to Frank Focketyn (flemish actor), this is because of the fact that women are forced to use the vacuum cleaner while being on the telephone and while arranging their agenda and that men would be able to do as well, if only they would practise.

Helmut: "I guess this isn't quite right, the fact that Frank Focketyn doesn't leave women in their worth (?) while admitting that they are able to do something that men can't! Frank, you're a big actor but this is something I guess that isn't fair!" (smiles)

Humo: You do cook, don't you?

Helmut: "My girlfriend and I are preparing dinner together."

Humo: What is your speciality?

Helmut: "Water. And my girlfriend throws the vegetables in!"

Humo: "Are you sure she can stand your dirty socks," is what you're singing on your new album. Do you leave your dirty socks everywhere in the house?

Helmut: "Not at all, but I always read about this item in the "Flair" (Belgium women magazine): and after having washed his dirty socks for 2 years, do you still love to see him?"

(You do read the "Flair" Helmut?Another female side!That's why you do understand us ladies so very well!Thanks for your honesty to admit! And this is again another female side!)

By the way Helmut, I once, very long ago, could be 9 years or so, read an interview of/with you in the Flair magazine, it was about astrology and your "balance sign" and I still remember one thing you told in that particular interview, "I always have been very kind and soft to women and I treat them the same".. Just another female side and we love it!

Humo: "The most expensive girl" is about a woman who can't cook, has let your suit shrinked and for the very rest is very expensive. Your experiences?

Helmut: "Not at all, that's a joke, but in particular many young women nowadays apparently aren't able to boil an egg. I am able to and I may not be able to wash my clothes, I didn't have to when I was younger, cause my mother went to the laundry, but I am able to iron quite well. I don't want to get too much into detail here however concerning this theme, cause otherwise I really have to do and I don't know whether I love to..
As I said: women do have more discipline to do the things that are less nice. They faster do think: I'll do it, cause otherwise no one does."
(how right you are Helmut! Quite recognizable)

Humo: Why don't you think this way?

Helmut: "Because I don't like to do these kind of things. That's why I have a housekeeper. I am glad that I can allow."

Humo: Did you use the "space in your head" also to consider the prove-urge which almost seems impossible to stop? To me it's hard to understand that after having sold 13.000.000 CD's, you still want to prove yourself.

Helmut: "It's strange, I know, but when 25 million people are saying that what I do is fantastic and there's only one who tells that it is not, I still am "sick" of it. (quite recognizable to me as well Helmut..) I know I should think, you can't please anyone and I know that this is true, but when it comes to this, I still am a kind of "maniacal". Guess when it would be different, it might be better to stop, really, guess it might be better "to leave this planet", cause I would feel like a shark feeling no water running through his body. Then my motor stops, I'll only turn flat on my back and it's over.."

Helmut, in one way or another you're still a "typical male" I guess, but with some very nice and special female aspects and some honesty to admit a few things, which might be some of the reasons, why we love you!

"Typical male"/ Tina Turner

Tell me lawyer what to do
I think I'm falling in love with you
Defend me from the way I feel
Won't you give me some advice
On how to handle my private life
I'm sure we can make a deal
I confess I'm a fool for men with a clever mind
But your intellect ain't no match with this heart of mine

All I want is a little reaction
Just enough to tip the scales
I'm just using my female attraction
On a typical male, on a typical male

Your sense of justice I'll embrace
But your defence don't help my case
I'm deep in trouble with the law
Something about authority
Seems to bring out the bad in me
Hey lawyer gotta catch me when I fall
Oh they say that you match your wits with the best of them
But I know when I'm close you're just like the rest of them

All I want is a little reaction
Just enough to tip the scales
I'm just using my female attraction
On a typical male, on a typical male

So put your books aside
Loosen off the suit and tie
Gotta open up your heart and let me in
Open up your heart and let me in

Please don't take Tina's lyrics too literal!

To be continued later tonight during "happy/horrifying/(Helmut)Halloween here".. or tomorrow afternoon when I am back from work again


Wishing you all a fine day still!
Take care!


p.s. maybe we'll hear the "Pumpkins in the Moonlight" instead of the mandarins and the mandolins

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