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HUMO interview part 2!

HUMO interview part 2!

Hi all!

We go on..

Humo: When I happened to hear "Full speed ahead" when you're singing "you knew all along that this thing would turn out wrong", I had to think of Carol when she once told that she had some "accident" with the rolling shutter. She then told that she was your biggest crucial test: you love to have things under control while she created chaos.

Helmut: "(smiles) These happened to be the funny differences. Look, Carol and I were a good team when it came to having fun and tease people. If she should be a man, I'd love to go out playing billiart with her all day. It's right that I need structure and I can't "live" in a complete chaos, but there happened to be other, real insuperable differences. We both agreed about that.
When it comes to eternal love, I made mistakes in earlier days, knowing from the very start that here and there something isn't right, but at the same time thinking that I would solve these things. From now on I won't think and handle this way anymore. In my present relationship I feel at ease, there's no "fight" anymore. And should I tomorrow think, "this is something I don't understand", and things aren't solved within one day and I'll come to the conclusion that I have to accept something that to me is complete crazy, than I'll stop."

Humo: We were talking about the power of women however..

Helmut: "Yes, I guess that women are more powerful than men. The several times I have been in Africa for Unicef, I happened to watch as well. If there was reverse, men went to sit down on a bank near the hovel, drinking some pints, while women tried to save the whole thing, tried to make the best out of it. Women have more power of defence, because they have, to protect their sort, the discipline to do things that they don't like to do, things that aren't quite pleasant, where men just want to play and hunt and that's it. Women actually are pulling the strings. I guess this isn't bad. I love to be guided.. Yes, really."

Humo: Why?

Helmut: "Maybe because I love to please. That's why I prefer to wait until I get the instructions instead of doing something that the other doesn't appreciate. I am also always trying to adapt. For example I am able to write quite easily several kinds of music. For OOA and for FRWL I happened to write the titlesongs."

Humo: How is it possible that you love to be guided when your need to have everything under control is that big?

Helmut: "It's possible, isn't?! For example I want that everything concerning my career is organized very well: that's why I gave some people the "power" to arrange my agenda. They are people I choosed and I trust. I know that I am a bad leader: I am this busy with details, that I lose the survey and get in panic only with the smallest irregularity. I consider myself as "the singer of Piet and his orchestra". I love to take a pint with the members of the orchestra, love to rehearse and amuse myself with them on stage, but I don't want to solve their probles, that's what Piet does."

Humo: In "How could I ever forget you" you're singing: "Your dreams are gone and that's what hurts me most/ much more than these tears I cry".

Helmut: "I thought it very sad that everything Carol imagined it would be, had been gone to the moon. Much more worse than my own grief, yes, as I said, I am very bad when it comes to physical pain. But to be honest, the divorce with Carol did more to me that I ever thought it would do.. I asked myself many questions considering the "why", concerning what exactly went wrong and what's wrong with me, as well."

Humo: This is an interesting female qualitiy. Men sometimes do have some problems to admit that they're wrong.

Helmut: "I want to learn from my behaviour (in the past). I read many psychological books, right now I am reading "Murderes and their motifs" from Jef Vermassen: great book. I just followed the elections here: all big and small chances that can incite people to murder, the fight for self-preservation, territory-urge, you do recognize them quite well in the "political fight".

Humo: Well, this is what you've been doing during your "sabbatical year"?!

Helmut: "Everybody's talking about that, but taking a year like that, is what I'll do when I am 70. I have been in Finland and America last year and I did "relax" a little more than during other years, because I wanted some "space" in my head. Space to write new songs and space to compose the music for "The Crooners". Cause, inspiration comes, but one has to take time for it. It isn't something that reaches you when you are doing the washing-up."

To be continued later tonight, but probably tomorrow afternoon when I am back from working!

Have a fine day still!


p.s. please notice that this isn't a summary, I almost translated each and every word and please don't keep me responsible for some words of Helmut..
Thanks Helmut for being so very open!
I hope that they published the interview the way you wanted/thought they would do! May the translation be correct, as it sometimes really was a kind of tough..


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