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HUMO interview (Part 1)

HUMO interview part 1!
Hi all!
As promised..
The other side: "Looking for the woman in Helmut/the female side of Helmut"
Helmut: "25 times, I called Hildegarde to ask whether I am still on top of the album charts here in Belgium."
Humo: Almost 13.000.000 CD's he sold, his newest "The Crooners" already reached the gold status, but this is what he still wants, to be first in the hit parades. The "competition beast" still is "wild". The urge to win, as I say, is a very male quality.
"Is it", Helmut asks controversial and he starts to tell his vision towards womanliness.
Helmut: "you think that women don't like to win? Ha, ha, I happened to read a story this morning, I guess it was in the "P-magazine", about a woman who went to a special center where they train animals, afterwards she could try this philosophy on her husband while training him via rewarding and punishing, ha! She thought that this might work as men are mammals as well. If this isn't a prove that women also are interested in winning and power as well?!"
Humo: Bert Anciaux however dreamt about. To him this seemed the ultimate combination of pain and pleasure.
Helmut: "Well, I prefer just/only pleasure. I hope that I'll be able to delay pain until the moment that I definitely have to go. I don't have problems with physical pain, I had enough, but physical pain: if I would be able to protect myself for this kind of pain, I immediately would do".
Humo: you've been brought up by a very strong mother.
Helmut: "yes, she almost ran the family on her own and she did it in a fantastic way. She was the "captain of the ship". She sold ice and soup, got 4 children and never lost her joy of life. When she happens to watch a woman getting a child, on TV while screaming very loud, she has to giggle. My mother isn't like many mothers. Recently she fell, her shoulder was luxated. She went to the doctor, who send her to the hospital. There they asked her: "Lady, don't you have any pain? If these kind of things are happening to bikers, they do scream and groan". My mother answered: yes, it isn't quite pleasant.." Doctors somehow were confused. Under anaesthesia they "repaired" again."
Humo: what does this do to the image you've got of women?
Helmut: "yes, there you've got the problem. I guess it's difficult to react empathic when a woman sometimes doesn't want something or is not in the mood to do something or talking about some complaints. My mother never had the time to complain. She's incredible strong, it's because of this that a woman has to have strong qualities to convince me that's she's great. Of course everyone in his/her own way is strong, but my mother, it's a kind of hard to explain, but it's of these kind, where they're making gendarmes of."
Humo: She was a charmer as well.
Helmut: "That's true."
Humo: Your father still feels betrayed by her.
Helmut: "He has no reason to however. My mother loved to charm, he loved as well. That's why I am the "perfect crooner", ha,ha! Crooners happened to be the first men that sang close into the micro with a voice volume, with which you are whispering into the ears of a woman. They sang about love, with some humour and a little wisdom. That's why I right now thought that the time was right to write the crooners, after all I that I have been going through!"(smiles)
Humo: Sometimes you happened to be angry towards your mother?
 Helmut: "Yes, when I was a child, because she first divorced from my father and then again from her second man, a nice guy. To me this was terrible, I wasn't able to relate and thought that it was my mother who was to blame. In the meantime I know better. My mother always was very honest and straight: if things didnt't work, it didn't work. In the meantime I found out that the honest way is the best. Love is a verb, they say. That's true, although I didn't want to believe this during a very long time. But if something on the base of your relationship isn't OK, than you may work as a convict, but it'll never work. You can't change the way people are."
Humo: You still thought that love automatically is right and works? You're a incorrigible romanticist!
Helmut: "Yes, or a donkey. I don't know, maybe it's just a compulsitive desire for the ideal, everlasting love: because as a child, you never happened to see and that you want to prove that you're able to do it better than your parents. In the meantime however you're making the same mistakes. Look, I just had to get aware of the fact that you shouldn't try to put an european plug into an American electric point". It's just that simple!"
To be continued! Have a fine day! I am happy that once I had the chance to meet this strong and kind woman! Where would we be without her?!


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